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2006 Art Gallery Exhibits Archive 

2006 Art Gallery Exhibits
Current & Upcoming Exhibits

National PTA Reflections Program
Works Submitted by Cobb County Students
December 16, 2005- January 15, 2006

National PTA Reflections Program

An arts recognition and achievement program, provides children in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 with an opportunity to express themselves in any of 4 areas: literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts. Now in it's 36th year, the Program attracts an average of 600,000 participants nationwide. The goal of the program is to celebrate all children's gifts and talents, and to give children who have never tried creating a work of art a chance to experiment and increase their self-esteem. This year's theme "I Wonder Why ..." is sure to generate a vast array of entries.

Paintings by Sami Bentil
January 16 - February 28, 2006

Paintings by Sami Bentil
Copyright © Sami Bentil

Sami Bentil paints from his heart's deepest conviction, blending the history of his native Ghana with his passionate vision of world peace. The seedlings of Bentil's artistic philosophy were planted in his childhood. Growing up during Ghana's struggle for and acquisition of independence, Bentil watched human drama unfold on the streets if his hometown, Ghana's capital city, Accra. With a keen eye, a sensitive heart and a gifted hand, he cultivated a tremendous ability to draw vivid pictures of people.

While attending the Achimoto school in Ghana, Bentil studied under Kofi Antubam, one of Ghana's great art masters. Antubam taught Gentil that art can be a tool for bringing people of the world together in harmony, a philosophy he holds today.

As the son of a United Nations diplomat, Bentil visited the United States during two summers, spending time in museums and art galleries in New York and other major metro areas. This experience provided an effective backdrop for his subsequent studies in graphic design at the University of Science and Technology in Ghana where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bentil's work has received great recognition and acclaim in Ghana, as well as other parts of the world. One of his earliest paintings, commissioned by the Ghanaian government to celebrate the country's Silver Jubilee, is on permanent display at the museum of Ghana. His work has bee exhibited in the U.S., England, Switzerland and Germany, and is widely collected in Europe, West Africa and North America.

5th Congressional District Art Exhibit
March 1 - March 16, 2006

5th Congressional District Art Exhibit

Don't miss this special exhibit
from artists in the region.

Travel Through Foreign Lands
Photos by Derek Lowe

March 16 - April 30, 2006

Travel Through Foreign Lands Photos by Derek Lowe
Copyright © Derek Lowe

Derek Lowe, teacher and photographer, has lived many moments on the other side of the world, mainly in Tongyeong, a small fishing village at the southern tip of South Korea. After graduating with a Bachelors degree from Kennesaw State University, Lowe left the United States to teach the English language abroad.

Culture shock took many forms for Lowe - the landscape, the food, the people. As the newness wore off, similarities arose; guys playing basketball; a movie house, a favorite music store. " Vacations" from teaching took him to Shanghai, the historic and must-see lunar New Year, to Bangkok and other exotic places.

After fulfilling his commitment to teaching English, Lowe began his adventurous trip home, traveling the long way and taking pictures along the way.

Exhibit of Impressionism
May 1 - June 30, 2006

Exhibit of Impressionism
Copyright © Steve Stoichev

From a very early age Steve Stoichev's life has been connected with art. At 4 years old he had his first exhibit, displaying clay figurines to his friends and neighbors. From that point he was captured.

His focus has alternated between design, sculpture, and painting. Through the 1980's he concentrated on interior design, and in 1989 he founded his own fashion design company. As a fashion designer he worked extensively with painted fabrics.

Steve's experiences with interiors and fashion have influenced his painting style, leading him to create three-dimensional textured paintings of a modern impressionism style.

Steve Stoichev is a Bulgarian-born American and has lived in the Atlanta area since 1996. He currently makes his home in Smyrna with his wife and three children.

His latest passion is photography. Last April, in an exhibit before the Bulgarian public, he presented nature and botanical photography captured during his travels in the United States.

WAGs! - Wenona's Art Gals!
Artist Biographies   Photo Gallery
July 1 - August 31, 2006
WAGs! - Wenona's Art Gals!


Few would argue that being "displaced" is upsetting, and sometimes painful. Yet, when Wenona Halderman's paint class lost its meeting place at the Cobb Senior Center in 2003, the dauntless group found a new and even more inviting studio at the home of class member, Norma Cole and persuaded Wenona to join them as instructor.

The warm, friendly environment of the group's new location led to a smooth transformation of a class of would-be artists who gathered each week for instruction, to a circle of friends that come together each Monday to share personal tidbits, family stories, current and past events, and paint. The meetings have become social events that include evaluations of one another's works, suggestions for improvement, and refreshments, interspersed with commentary from the very discerning eye of the Instructor.

The class "list" includes: Norma Cole, Voncile Levy, Kathy Lutz, Carmen McFerin, Joan Roper, and periodic visitors including Audrey Cook, Elaine MacDonald, and others, who are neighborhood artists.

Recently the Smyrna Public Library extended an invitation for a group showing in July and August. The show will feature acrylics, oils, and watercolors and include a broad range of subject matter, including animal life, florals, landscapes, seascapes, and still lives. Some works may be offered for sale, with pricing and contact information available at the library. Featured will be three interpretations of the same subject - ½ each, different size and medium - along with impressionistic and realistic works.

It will be worth a trip to the show just to see whether the most and least experienced painters can be determined. Some class members have painted for more than fifty years, while others less than two. Some have received formal instruction and have won awards; others paint solely under the direction and encouragement of Wenona and other class members. Biographical sketches will be available at the display to help viewers realize what is possible to create in a nurturing setting with guidance and positive reinforcement.

After the unsettling experience of having to find new quarters, Wenona's Art Gals (WAGS) are happy to have found the perfect setting for friends to get together and at the same time pursue a hobby that they all love.

Photography By Tom Kells
September 1 - October 31, 2006

Photography by Tom Kells
Copyright © Tom Kells


Tom Kells' passion for photography began at age 11 in his hometown of New York. After a successful military career, which included a 1966 tour of duty in Vietnam, he began to pursue photography as a second career. His first formal show in 2004 consisted of thirty-six images displayed at Neiman Marcus, Atlanta. He has also displayed work at Kennesaw State University and in shops and many well-known Atlanta restaurants

Photography is a process to Tom, simple or very technical; it is the brush and paint serving the thought and light that creates the image as on a canvas. Though he will remove portions of what the lens captures to provide focus or tell a story, he does not import or piece images together.

Click here to enjoy Tom's Online Gallery

Color Pencil Art by Carol Sorenson
November 1 - December 31, 2006

Color Pencil Art by Carol Sorenson
Copyright © Carol Sorenson

Carol was raised in rural Iowa and spent many creative hours drawing and painting, starting at an early age. Largely self-taught, Carol has developed her drawing technique through years of practice. She studied drawing at Missouri Western College and has painted under the direction of several well-known artists. Her artwork is represented in corporate and private collections throughout the country.

Carol's subjects are the wild birds, flowers, and animals familiar to most Americans. In her drawings, each animal has a spark of life and a personality of its' own. Years of experience living close to animals make them an easy subject for her. Carol builds upon that background with thorough research on each subject. She has developed an innovative technique in her drawings with colored pencil on a toned background. Carol uses light and shadow to create a sculptured effect, while interpreting the textures and colors of nature.

Click here to enjoy Carol's Online Gallery


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