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2010 Display Gallery Exhibits Archive

2010 Display Gallery Exhibits
Current & Upcoming Exhibits

Dolls Extraordinaire
by Renée Coleman

January 3, 2010 - February 28, 2010

Doll Collection by Renee Coleman

Renée Coleman is originally from Rocky Mount N.C., and has resided in the Smyrna/Marietta area for the past 17 years.

She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Art Education from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, in 1989. She taught Art for a few years and quickly realized that teaching is a calling and "it's NOT calling me".

She has always been a creative person and an admirer of beauty. She loved dolls as a child, but unlike most little girls that loose interest in them around age twelve, she didn't. At age 16, her grandmother would ask "Aren't you too old to play with dolls?"

She started collecting dolls about 15 years ago, and in the past five years more seriously. She would buy dolls and store them under her bed. (closet collector). One Saturday morning while driving past the Cobb County Civic Center, she read the marquee that said "Doll Show". She went in to find hundreds of other collectors that shared the same passion for doll collecting as she did.

Finally she could take herdolls out and display's okay. Since then she has enjoyed learning more about doll collecting. Some of her favorites are the Dolls of the World Series, Treasures of Africa Series, Lucille Ball, and the Coat Collection.

by Herschel Kranitz

March 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010

Mosaics by Herschel Kranitz

As his business career began to wind down in 1998 he discovered that he possessed an aptitude and interest in mosaics. He started by teaching himself and then went on to study in Ravenna, Italy. His work has been displayed and sold in galleries in New England, Georgia, Arizona and Alabama. While his formal training is in Roman classical mosaic he most enjoys working in the folk art genre…doing utilitarian pieces (belt buckles, pots, tables, mirrors, trays) as well as more traditional portraits and still life. While the inspiration for most of his work grows out of his own cockeyed view of the world he also enjoys working in collaboration with others translating and adapting their visions into glass mosaics.

He can be found every day....from early morning until dinner....toiling in his studio in Norcross, GA fighting off the ravages of age and the uncooperative muses while making works of mosaic art that he finds (and hopes you do as well) fun!!! He teaches classes - sharing the last great passion of his life with unsuspecting students. He appreciates feedback (particularly positive), enjoys collaborating with other craftspeople and will accept your money if you insist on buying one of his creations or take one of his classes.

Learn more about Mr Kranitz from his website.

Handcrafted Studio Pottery
by Hank Hogan & Janet Erickson Hogan

May 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010

Handcrafted Studio Pottery by Hank Hogan & Janet Erickson Hogan

Handcrafted studio pottery by Hank Hogan and Janet Erickson Hogan is featured in the display cases through June 1, 2010.

Born in Atlanta, Hank Hogan has been a studio potter since 2004. His functional stoneware vessels are fired in an electric or gas kiln. The vessels are wheel thrown and use a vast selection of high-fired food safe glazes for his finishes. He and his wife, Janet, work out of the MudFire Clayworks & Gallery.

Janet Erickson Hogan has a vast background in many mediums including quilting, drawing, and painting. She began pottery with husband Hank in 2004 and incorporates her skills in fabric design and drawing to create hand-built carved pieces using many different glazing techniques. Her work focuses on nature, people, and places, with a whimsical attitude.

Hank and Janet can be reached at and 404-915-6425.

by Steve Pritchard

July 1, 2010 - August 30, 2010

Woodturning by Steve Pritchard

Steve Pritchard was born in a small town in South Dakota, growing up on a farm. He developed an interest in working with wood while helping his father build pole barns, cattle sheds, and even a grain elevator. Steve graduated with a BS from South Dakota State University in 1970 and joined the Air Force becoming a pilot instructor. He also worked for the Federal Courts as an instructor of their computerized case management system. In 1995 he moved to Atlanta to become the IT manager for the US District Court and retired in 2007.

His lifetime interest in working with wood led him to consider woodturning and in 2000 he purchased an inexpensive Craftsman lathe. After making his share of bowls, boxes and weed pots, he focused in the exploration of three areas:

Hollow Forms - This involves shaping the outside of a vessel and then using specialized tools to remove the wood from the inside. The walls of the vessels are usually about ¼ inch thick or less.

Piercing - The process of using a dental drill to create holes in very thin walled vessels. The holes form patterns and shapes.

Coloring - Much of the work is finished with a clear lacquer, oil, or shellac. Some of it is painted, or pierced, or both. He uses a variety of paints including acrylic, airbrush paint, and milk paint (his favorite). Milk paint is made using the cassien from milk as the binder. Because of its thickness it is great for distressing pieces.

The process used in most of Steve's woodturning involves turning the piece twice. He starts with wet or "green" wood and produces a rough version of the piece with thick walls. After the piece dries he returns it to the lathe and produce a finished piece.

Steve's favorite woods are Bradford pear, cherry, and maple but he uses almost any wood except pine. Bradford pear heads the list because it turns easily, finishes like glass, and is a wonderful blank pallet for woodturning, painting, and piercing.

Like everything in nature, each piece of wood has its own character and also its own personality and appeal. Being able to see that personality emerge from a large wet lump of wood is very enjoyable.

Almost all of the wood that Steve uses comes from trees that have been felled due to disease, storms, or development and destined to be ground into mulch. Woodturning is one of the few ways that we, as individuals, can preserve a little of a tree that once stood tall and proud in our community.

Steve is president and webmaster for the Georgia Association of Woodturners (GAW) and a member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).

Exhibitor's Website

Acrylic Paintings and Nature Photos
by Nicole Lohr

September 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010

My name is Nicole Lohr, I was born in 1980 on Long Island, New York. I am a self-taught artist and work in a variety of media including acrylic paints, oil pastels, clay, photography and writing. Photography and writing are my favorites. My favorite style of art is abstract. I enjoy the freedom that the abstract expressionist style gives me to explore moods and ideas.

I am an avid photographer, which has been a passion for me since I was twelve years old. I take my inspiration from nature and love to photograph animals and birds. I hope that my photography reflects at least some of the beauty, peace and harmony I find in the natural world.

My passion for art began with my grandma Stanco who helped to raise me. We enjoyed many hours together making homemade cards and gifts for Christmas. We experimented with different kinds of art forms such as projects made from shells, pom poms, animals and much more.

Digital photography has become the art form that is most special to me. I experienced a very difficult home life and because of that, while growing up, I started taking pictures of family events trying to capture every good moment I could. I slowly found myself being more and more drawn by the beauty of nature and then wanting to capture every cool encounter I had with these wild creatures, whether it be birds, squirrels, bees, butterflies, dragon flies or even turtles and fish. I wanted to capture them all on my camera. I never try to pose anything, I just observe. I then listen and wait and watch and see what happens. I have a lot more patience with the animal world then I do with the people world.

Many of my nature shots are taken in Cobb county with several taken at the pond near the Smyrna Library. I enjoy traveling to take my shots and include places like the Chattahoochee Nature Center, Chattahoochee River trails, and Amicalola Falls.

I also really enjoy being playful with my oil pastels and my acrylic paints. I just sit down, pick up some colors, and start to create, never knowing how it is going to come out. I don't really think much when I'm doing it. I just clear my mind and something will come to me after I start to put the colors to the paper. I love to use my fingers and to use smudging techniques. I enjoy sharing my art, and I hope everyone enjoys it too.
I welcome all inquiries about my work and can be reached by the following:


'Tis The Season
by FOSL Volunteers

November 1, 2010 - January 2, 2011

'Tis The Season


Well, it's that time of the year again to think about the holidays. For your enjoyment our November and December display gallery will feature ornament collectionss from around the world presented on miniature fir trees.

The beautiful ornament collection, lent by FOSL Volunteers Dorothy Sibert and Jane Lamkin, will enhance a winter village scene lent by FOSL Volunteer Louisa Cohn. Combined, they make a beautiful and festive presentation for the holiday season.

The collection of ornaments represents the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Jordan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Turkey and USA.


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