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2015 Art Gallery Exhibits Archive

2015 Art Gallery Exhibits
Current & Upcoming Exhibits

Modern Art
Moise S. Semexant
Jan. 4, 2015 to Feb 28, 2015


Haitian-born artist, his style proved to be very unique among the contemporary artists. This is one of the reasons that he has been highly recognized by many art curators and art lovers alike in a variety of countries including, Haiti, France, England, Holland, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, the United States, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

In fact, the meticulous manner in which the Atlanta-artist blends the vibrant colors seems to spontaneously invite gallery goers into a world of light and shadow, where geometric forms and beauty create a high sense of internal freedom, love, and peace. These are many of the artistic touches that Moise has been applying in his works and which prompted many experts and critics to salute him as one of the emerging master artists of modern art. Others even went very far in proclaiming Moise as William Blake of modern age.

If you wish to purchase any particular piece, please contact the artist through his email address or telephone ( / 404-825-8641).


Oils & Acrylics
by Barabara Ali
Mar. 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015


Barbara Ali studied art in high school and in college. While earning her degree at Earlham College she was chosen to participate in studies abroad where she studied the works of many master artists. She lived for several years in Paris as well as in the south of France. Her strongest influences have been the impressionists, realists and surrealists. The influences of European artists continue to be evident in her work.

Barbara's works reveal a fascination with the intricacies of the world around us. She is inspired by the small things in life and the beauty that can be found even in ordinary things. Having grown up in a rural setting Barbara has a deep love of nature and she taps into that relationship in her work. She often works Plein Air, allowing the sights and sounds of the outdoors to influence her pieces.

Barbara is drawn to a diverse range of subjects which allows her the freedom to express many thoughts and many moods. Her subjects range from a vase of flowers to a simple "moment in time" to imaginary worlds where the viewer creates his own storyline. Her gallery consists of portraits, still lifes and landscapes, as well as imaginative pieces.

Barbara's works have been shown in both national and local exhibitions.

Oils & Acrylics
by Joe Loehr
May 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015

Joe is an emerging artist currently residing in the town of Woodstock in Northwest Georgia. His early education included the study of pencil and charcoal drawing, as well as architectural drafting.

In recent years, after pursuing a career in computer science, he has refocused his creative efforts on the study of oil painting and the creation of art works in a style that can best be classified as impressionistic realism. Although he has produced some earlier work using acrylics, his most recent works have focused on the use of oils on both canvas and panels supports. In addition, he creates numerous studies of portraits and figures using graphite pencil on paper. He has studied with Atlanta artists Kathy Rennell Forbes and Ernest Varner.

His recent works have been primarily portraits and the depiction of figures in a variety of places and events. However, he occasionally will create seascapes and landscapes, mostly depicting city streets and architectural structures.

by Paula Landry
July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015

Paula Landry is a pastel artist living and working in Smyrna, Georgia. After many years of teaching art in the Cobb County School District, she has spent her retirement years focusing on expanding and exploring her own artistic skills.

With a BFA in Art Education from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Master’s from the University of Georgia, Paula has studied and has shown work everywhere from France to the small towns of the Southeast. Paula’s portraits and landscapes reflect the vibrant colors found in the Georgia landscape. She is often commissioned for her informal child portraits.


Automotive Art
by John Lander
September 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015


For automotive artist John Lander, cars as more than just transportation: "Some are beautiful examples of rolling sculpture. I try to do more than just draw pretty pictures of cars; I include interesting people, backgrounds, and try to set a mood or tell a story."

The work of years, this collection of Lander's vintage car art includes over 100 color illustrations with a short description, including comments by the artists, for each picture.

Foreword by Larry Crane, former art director for Automobile magazine.

Oils and Acrylics
by Karen Snider
November 1, 2015 to January 3, 2016

"My main interest in creating several of my paintings is to portray a slice of daily life. I attempt to showcase some of America's unique individuals going about their daily activities.
I'm also fascinated with studying and painting nature's amazing detail, form and color."

All my life I've been interested in expressing myself through art. I minored in art when I attended the University of New Mexico. Through the years, I drew using graphite and ink, and painted with pastels.

When I lived in California and Oregon throughout the 1990's, I showed and sold my work in several galleries and exhibits. After I moved east, I began painting in oils. In the past 7 years, my work has been accepted in many juried shows in both South Carolina and Georgia. Several of my pieces have received awards at the National Juried Shows.


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