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2016 Art Gallery Exhibits Archive

2016 Art Gallery Exhibits
Current & Upcoming Exhibits

Oils and Acrylics
by Devin KOLbY
January 3, 2016 to February 29, 2016


Devin KOLbY, the Artist of KOLbYcreations was born March, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. Devin KOLbY’s passion for creativity started at an early age. He played the Double Bass in the school Orchestra from 6th grade until his senior year where he held the position of 1st chair. His musical talent extended to playing piano into enjoying all genres of music. KOLbY’s interest took a detour towards photography and visual editing. This led his pencil to pad and he began sketching and experimenting with watercolor and other art mediums. While away in college his passion for art grew and as the stroke of his paint brush filled with acrylic colors met the canvas the self taught artist KOLbY, was created.

In 2011, Devin KOLbY unfortunately struggled with depression that resulted in his suicide attempt. Through, divine intervention he survived life support and today he’s on a journey to recovery. Devin KOLbY and his mother are advocates for suicide prevention and together they are erasing the stigma and sharing information with the hope that one day there will be services, resources and support for this unrecognized, unrepresented group, Survivors of Suicide Attempts. Through his traumatic experience, KOLbY’s now, creating with a renewed sense of life and perspective. In 2015, KOLbY, will continue his education and enhance his creative abilities by enrolling into art school.

KOLbY’s, detour has come, full circle and evolved into remarkable art, photography, music and living. He’s artistically influenced by Basquait, Warhol, KAWS and Dali. He’s inspired by color, life and energy. KOLbY’s abstract Creations include mediums of acrylic, oils and mixed media.
Follow KOLbYcreations on: facebook, twitter & instagram.For upcoming KOLbYcreations exhibits, booking information and purchases contact: (404) 580-9464 Not Your Usual Event or


by Celia Durand
March 1, 2016 to April 30, 2016

As a young adult, I moved to New York from my native country of Argentina. My previous studies and degree were in teaching and journalism but since childhood I dabbled in art and crafts.

During the early years, besides raising a family, I studied ceramics and sculpture and developed my own style. During that time I participated in several group showings and received several awards. I also taught myself the basics of early microprocessors and computers.

After moving to Washington D.C., I learned computer programming and wrote several programs, including "The Banner Machine" - which printed large-sized banners using a dot matrix printer - and a number of companion utilities for a retail point of sale software package.

Our move to Atlanta coincided with the advance in digital photography which opened for me a whole new field and gave me the capability of combining my artistic aspirations with my fascination with computers.

During the last several years I have participated in numerous art shows and received many awards. My website illustrates all aspects of my work and its evolution and my Facebook page keeps everybody abreast of my latest art related news.

Oils, Pastels and Watercolors
by Susan Knight Smith
May 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016

Susan Knight Smith works primarily in pastel, a medium that allows her to combine her love of expressive drawing with vibrant color. In addition to landscapes, she paints portraits, figure studies, still life, intimate garden scenes, and particularly enjoys plein air painting, or painting out of doors. Susan’s paintings reflect her love of nature, her fascination with the juxtaposition of colors and the play of light, and an enchantment with particular or unique people, places, or things. Of her work, she simply says, "I paint what delights me." She finds much to delight her in the metro Atlanta area where she lives, or near the E. Tennessee home where she grew up. She has also found inspiration for many of her paintings on trips to France, Italy, Mexico, the Arizona desert, and the coast of Maine.

Her work is in over one hundred fifty collections in the United States and has appeared in publications including the cover of ArtCalendar magazine. Exhibiting in over 50 juried regional, national, and international exhibits, Smith has won numerous awards.

Susan has been a working artist for over 25 years, was a teacher before she entered the field of art, and is happy to now be combining these two loves.

Susan paints from her home studio in Powder Springs, GA.

She lives with her husband Roy. They have four children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild!

by Charlie Stannard
July 1, 2016 to August 31, 2016

Though born in Georgia, I grew up in Connecticut. I worked in advertising and marketing research, my last job being at Earthlink in Atlanta. Upon retiring I decided to rekindle my interest in photography. I took a course at the Showcase School, attended a number of photo workshops, joined two camera clubs, and upgraded my camera to digital. I am a Canon shooter, as much by accident as preference. The one thing I have learned from photo competitions is all camera brands produce great images.

I process my images with Photoshop and print them on my own printer. I do not overly process my images in Photoshop, though I do find the Nix suite of plug-ins useful. My printer is a Canon Pro9500 and it generally does a better job than CVS or Costco.

I do not have a subject matter specialty. As the exhibit shows, I shoot just about anything: flowers, birds, animals, landscapes, people. Regarding style, I do not have one though I do try to shoot things a little differently, frequently using multiple exposures when shooting flowers.

To find out more about any of the images or to purchase one, contact me at

by Myrtie Cope
September 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016

Myrtie Cope is a fine art photographer in Atlanta with a focus on architecture, nature and quilting. After careers in the office furniture industry and as a retail fabric store owner, she took the leap to turn her love of photography into a career opportunity. She spent five intensive months studying photography at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana. While there she explored the beautiful photography opportunities in Western Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Back in Atlanta, her focus has turned to architecture including churches and cemeteries, fine art, and nature. Another aspect of her photography includes the love of beautiful quilts photographed in unique places for clients and friends.

She is a graduate of Florida State University and Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Clients include Wilma Lofts, Missoula, MT; Hodges, Ward, Elliott, Atlanta, GA; Northside Drive Baptist Church; Bass Hair Salon; Pursley, Lowery, Meeks LLP; Working Buildings, LLC; Table One Dinners; CThree Group; Jean Ann Quilts; and Giacomo-Schleicher Law Firm

Juried Exhibits and Awards include: Two Views - Joint Exhibit at UUC Atlanta 2009; Slow Exposures 2010; Trees Atlanta 2010 - My Favorite Tree - Honorable Mention; Crossroads at Jill Celeste Gallery, 2010; Southeastern Flower Show 2011 All Things Musical - Third Place; Okefenokee - Joint Exhibit at Judie Jacobs Gallery 2011; Women in Focus XVII 2010; Women in Focus XVIII & XIX at Mason-Murer Gallery, juried by Brett Abbott; WIF XX at Mason-Murer Gallery, 2013, juried by Jane Jackson; WIF Portfolio Show at Seen Gallery juried by Jerry Cullom, 2013; Two landscapes selected by Georgia Council for the Arts The Art of Georgia exhibit to hang in Georgia State Capitol and selected as cover for Governor's Budget Report, 2013; Two landscapes selected for Picturing Georgia exhibit at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport International Concourse, 2013; Architectural photos published in SouthXSoutheast Photo Magazine, January/February 2014; Northeast Atlanta Georgia Nature Photography Association, 2nd Place in Wildlife and Norcross Cultural Arts Award; Johns Creek Summer Serendipity Art Show Sponsor's Award; Slow Exposures 2014; Women in Focus XXI, 2014, juried by Fay Gold; GNPA Native Animals of the Southeast Exhibit at Fernbank Science Center; WIF Juried Exhibit at Art Institute of Atlanta - Decatur.

Whimsical Fantasy Artwork
by Elizabeth Shick
November 1, 2016 to January 2, 2017

I am originally from Palm Springs, FL, but have lived in Atlanta, GA since 1988. I graduated summa cum laude from U.G.A. with a degree in Scientific Illustration & went on to study Medical Illustration at the Medical College of GA.

Since 1989, I have worked as a medical legal illustrator, working at MLI as their senior medical illustrator until opening my own company, Medical Visions, Inc in 1991, which is still my "Day Job".

Inspired by acrobats, dancers and contortionists, these hand sculpted and painted figures are each a one of a kind creation. The Dragons are hand sculpted as well and can be used as ornaments or wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet.

They currently can be purchased at "The Great Artist's Collective" gallery in New Orleans, "The Limelight" in Marietta, GA., "Reytail Therapy" in Santa Rosa, FL and DragonCon at the Hyatt Hotel Atlanta -Labor Day Weekend

Elizabeth's work has won several awards at DragonCon including "Best Alien" 2012 & "Best Space Scene" 2013



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