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Neighborhood Donation Drive

Are you interested in holding a neighborhood donation drive for the Smyrna Public Library? Well we hope your answer is a resounding YES and we are here to help you!

You will be both amazed and tremendously satisfied with how YOU can positively impact YOUR local library with a little planning, a few e-mails, some printing on your computer and a little time over a weekend. By the way, one recent neighborhood donation drive netted $1,000 worth of items for the Smyrna Public Library!

To conduct a donation drive in your neighborhood, we suggest that you start out with following guidelines as a baseline for success.

Getting Started

  • Select a weekend 4 to 6 weeks out when you know that you will be free. This will allow ample time to get the word out to your neighbors and allow your neighbors ample time to identify what they wish to donate.
  • Optional but suggested: Obtain confirmations from neighbors who will assist you.
  • Plan on using the e-mail, flyer and yard sign templates that are available below so you do not waste time reinventing the wheel.
  • Setup a dry, smoke-free, temporary storage area where donations will be stored until they are transported to the library.
  • Identify specifically where you want donations to be dropped off outside when you are not available to receive them.
  • Begin locating physical yard signs to which the printable yard signs available below will be affixed.
  • Sign Tip: Recycle subdivision and political yard signs by spray painting them or covering them with a dark plastic bag, leftover wallpaper, wrapping paper or brown paper bags.
  • Check to see if your donation drive can be promoted via your neighborhood newsletter and website.

Two Weeks Out

  • Send an e-mail to the people in your subdivision that you know and ask them to forward it on to others that they know. See our e-mail template for an example.
  • Distribute fliers house to house. See our flyer template for an example.
  • Identify the locations where signs should be posted and secure the homeowner's permission.

One Week Out

  • Make your signs. At a minimum, have signs in the following locations: donation center, at each stop sign facing the approaching driver and at each development entrance.
  • Ask your friends to make signs for their yards too.
  • Pick up FOSL membership forms from the library.

The Night Before

  • If it looks like rain, cover your signs with plastic wrap.
  • Post signs in your neighborhood.
  • Study the FOSL website so you can accurately answer donation-related questions with confidence.

During The Donation Drive

  • Have one donation receipt printed and available in case someone who does not use the Internet makes a donation and requests a receipt.
  • Offer each donor a FOSL membership form.
  • Collect the e-mail addresses of anyone who wishes to be added to the e-mail mailing list.
  • Thank each donor for his or her donation.
  • Answer questions on what FOSL does for the library should they arise.
  • Encourage each donor to make future donations directly at the library.
  • Remove the yard signs the night you stop accepting donations.

The Following Week

  • Bring donations to the library. Contact FOSL if you need assistance.
  • AppriseFOSL webmaster of your donations so it will be recognized on the FOSL website.
  • Submit collected e-Mail addresses at the library's Circulation Desk to the attention of FOSL.
  • Post "Thank You" signs the following weekend.

Downloadable Microsoft 2000 Templates (will open in a new window)

Sample e-Mail to Neighbors

Sample Flyer to Distribute Door to Door

"Donate Today" Yard Sign (2 Pages, Post Side-By-Side)

"Donate Here" Yard Sign

"Thank You" Yard Sign



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